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Ice Cream Display Re-imagined


Introducing the revolutionary “Double-Up” range!

To break free from the confines of a single flavour 5 litre tray, our “double-up” solution allows TWO flavours of 2.5L ice cream tubs to snugly fit in the same space, effectively doubling the flavour choices for your customers. 

Start showcasing a variety of flavours in the same freezer space, enticing your patrons with a delightful selection that’s twice as tempting!


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Introducing 2.5L Double-Up

 Also available

Ice Cream x Sorbet Twist


Magic happens when creaminess meets vibrant swirls of sorbet. It’s a sensation that leaves you yearning for more. Discover the perfect balance where indulgence and refreshment unite in every luscious spoonful!

Coming soon. Watch this space!


Ice Cream x Sorbet Raspberry & Lime

Frequently Asked Questions


Each 2.5L comes with frozen grade packaging, secured with a tamper proof evident lid, providing maximum protection. The lid can easily be put on and off again after opened.

Shrink-Wrap Protection

Two of 2.5L of same flavour will be shrink-wrapped together as a delivery & purchase unit. The wrapping ensures extra product protection.

Packaging Specification

When you place the order with this product, the ordering unit is 2 x 2.5L. For display purpose, you can mix and match  two different 2.5L flavour in the traditional 5L space.


Tamper-Proof Sealed

Each tray has tamper-proof evident lid to achieve maximum product protection and hygiene standard.

Would it fit in freezer?

Yes! Two of our 2.5L trays will fit nicely in your original 5L space. You just need to make sure you have the stragith-side joining together in the middle.

How to order?

Contact your Golden North Sales Manager or distributors for ordering.

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