Take on this amazing Chef Chris Jarmer x Golden North collaboration challenge – building a Giant Twins Jenga tower! A perfect fun and interactive dessert for your next get-together with friends.


Follow the steps below, and don’t forget to upload to social media, and tag Golden North Ice Cream!


1. Purchase your favourite flavour of Giant Twins – obviously the more Giant Twins you have, the bigger the tower but we would suggest at least 4 boxes of 5-bar multipack Giant Twins to give your tower height
2. Use a nice flat surface to build your tower – a chopping board would be perfect.
3. Start to build! We would suggest using 4 Giant Twins per level, so it doesn’t fall down too easily!
4. Once complete, admire your masterpiece! And don’t forget to get stuck in quickly, before your tower melts.
5. You may use dry ice to keep your tower cool (please make sure you put on protective gloves whilst handling dry ice).


This activity is perfect for home parties, your guests will have so much fun!

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